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Having gone blind at age 6 Sarah overcame many obstacles including dyslexia to achieve the honor of being her highschool valedictorian and attend Princeton University. I spent many months with Sarah and her family tracking her from Parkland Florida to her first week at Princeton University.

Text Story by Sarah Swords

Photo Gallery by Warren Zinn

These photos come from a week spent with the Jackson Hole High School football team leading up to their homecoming game. The goal of the project was to document the football team without actually shooting a football game and was a project that I produced for a photography workshop in Jackson Hole.

Photo Gallery by Warren Zinn

The U.S. currently has over 35,000 U.S. troops stationed in South Korea. The bases range from the northern part of Korea by the DMZ to the ports in the south. However around every U.S. base there is one thing similar, the presence of Juicy Bars. Bars that "employ" women from the Phillipines as well as former Soviet States. The women are enticed to come to Korea to work and hopefully make money, what they find when they arrive is an underworld of sexual slavery. This story follows the women, soldiers, and charity workers who are related to this issue. From the clubs, to the apartments to an underground railroad ran by a priest.

Photo Gallery by Warren Zinn

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